Things are changing at the Nest!
From Mid November 2021 Mike and Sarah will be your new hosts. We aim to continue the fantastic work that Jim and Ngaire have done and provide you with an experience to remember and cherish for years to come. Please bear with us as there will be teething problems with bookings and reservations. Your best bet is to contact Mike on 027 232 6111 to check a booking or a date rather than try and book online.
We love meeting new people from around the world, hearing their stories and sharing our special corner of the world with them. That said, and in keeping with our own travel preferences, we seek to be as unobtrusive as possible, leaving you to pursue your own plans and time-table, if any.
So our principal aim at the Nest is for you to enjoy a carefree stay in a romantic, secluded seaside and rural atmosphere, ensuring you return home feeling relaxed and refreshed and ready to tackle the reality of life!


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